Opportunities at Tanius

Entry-level Trader

Our traders come in every day prepared to attack a variety of problems. While the markets are open, you’ll closely monitor our proprietary trading systems—aware of positions across multiple accounts and the potential impact of price changes—and make split-second decisions under pressure. You might also enter manual trades when you spot an opportunity.

You’ll develop new strategies by analyzing market data, and work closely with the development team to implement them and troubleshoot problems if the software doesn’t work as expected.

To perform well in such a varied job, you’ll end up developing a diverse set of skills. These include statistical analysis, quick mental math, knowledge of the markets, and programming.

This position will be tailored to each applicant. We are primarily looking for self-starters with a passion for trading.

Software Developer

Developers have the opportunity to work on problems at all levels of the software stack. Whether it’s low-level code for driving network hardware, high-performance trading infrastructure that runs without fail, or time-saving internal tools, you’ll be writing production code from day one.

Because you work alongside the people using the systems you build, it’s easy to get feedback. You’ll quickly see the impact of your code and how it improves people’s daily work. This also means that the development team enjoys great flexibility when planning roadmaps and deciding which features to implement.

Desired Skills and Requirements


Our office is located in sunny Northern California with convenient access to BART and San Francisco. We are located a short drive to world-class Sierra skiing in one direction, beautiful beaches in the other, and great hiking trails just about everywhere. Breakfast and lunch are catered daily, with a wide variety of options.

We believe in growing only with the best traders and developers, and providing them with the latest tools and the best machines (dual 30-inch monitors are standard).


Our atmosphere is fun and cooperative—it encourages our employees to reach their full potential. Developers and traders work side by side to develop, run, and evaluate new trading strategies. Our flat hierarchy means all employees report directly to the owners—not layers of managers, and not salespeople. We have no customers and answer only to ourselves.

To get to know each other outside of the office, we hold regular team outings (skiing, indoor skydiving, go karts) and team-building competitions (video games, rock climbing).

Interested? Send your resume to info@taniustech.com.